Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well its been done y'all, Another soundclick deal worth signing - Piishanakwut aka P Kwut is a man wit some serious talent.

This is where the real Hip-Hop comes from - a fresh new generation wit real issues to address.

Whats really good? Guys like this.

Check out some of the material at

U won't regret it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Have you ever had that situation where you just can't help thinking "You made an enemy today"? It is, after all only human to experience these feelings. Sometimes the final straw can be a heavy load. Straws of iron are few in number but I bet they'll break that camel's back a lot quicker.

I want you all to shout with heartfelt sincerity "World, stop screwing me over and I'll go easy on you!" Life isn't a bowl of candy children - stick with the trick - far more rewarding.

Some people still have so much to learn cos they can't see past the haze. There's more to life - it runs so deep but you'd be happier stopping at the skin of things right? I've travelled the veins of life and I don't regret it. The trials make you harder.

So here's to you [insert name here], for adding an extra notch on my belt of wisdom. Thankyou for messing up a moment of my life by comparison to your own. You suck but I love you for it.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Sometimes you're shallow, you cage yourself deep in your sorrow,
You're pathetic, like a pit of despair,
Lost in the darkness,
But for what not a cause? It's so simple act like you don't care.

Your loneliness rules you, Its bitter and twisted so deep,
Consumes you flooding your rage,
Take all of your rage to a stage.

Release through the freedom of voice,
Convert the believers to something of choice,
It's time go on battle it out,
Show the world what you're all about.

Don't race to a grave,
Take a map and an attitude fight your way into an aim,
Forge a path with your teaching,
Set a trend for the follower's feeding.