Friday, April 01, 2011


Yeah this shit is crazy yo. I been gone for way too damn long but I'm here now, and despite what I know y'all think, I am a changed man. I mean, I been real life busy wit my chick, rollin in what I thought was a perfect wifey life, but she up n left, and then shit started tumblin downhill, only women i cud rely on were my Xero's angels Remy and Stella. Yeah life can either blow or suck, you decide.

. . . . But here's where tings get real interestin, even though I was a broke man, I didn't crack to the point where I was better off dead. I survived.

I was at the bottom of a dark pit, the darkest place, and now I have truly risen again, cos beleive me, there was nowhere lower to go. I had that taste of a normal, happy, carefree life, til the shit between us. Was it my fault? Was I too caught up in my own world to step both feet into hers? Na, blame culture is weak. One thing I will say though, I'll fight to get that feelin again.

Mongo Nikol, shout out to ya bro, You were always the main man to the S-X. Are you still wit me dog? I need a pillar.

Forgive me people, bless me for my sorrow, reach out. make contact.



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