Monday, November 20, 2006


Well ladies and gents, I gotta say it, Simon Cowell's oh so respected judgement (as qouted by mediocre boy band "Eaton Road" again, and again...) has finally let him down. But more significantly, let down a man named Robert Allan. Not just any man, the man.

See, the public don't care bout the long haul, they jus want entertainment in the here n now. That's what happened here folks, one performance the public don't like n ur out. N who can blame 'em with such a fickle opinion on today's pop culture? There's a reason why they don't let just anyone be a judge people. This is why:

Say hello to Robert Allan, legend. His journey ain't gona stop here. And to all those who didn't support his cause, regret it knowing that he is gona do great things.

The X Factor will regret losing him cause at the end of the day, what the hell is an X Factor without it's X?


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