Sunday, March 19, 2006


Have you ever felt like you're on the run but somehow you have no idea what you're runnin from? Paranoias funny like that, cos you know that for some reason - you have a guilty conscience.

Well my brothers, do we not all dream of a day where one man can live his life free from hatred and oppression? Yes, of course. But it aint my job to convince anyone, cos I am the voice of power. I just tell it like it is. Haha, so to all my haterz, and I can name a few - go to hell. Cos the church will cleanse me of my sins. I know I have done wrong father and for that I repent.

Thats the glory of owning a blog, this confessional booth is my own.

I have lied, but I haven't cheated. I have stolen, but commited no legal crime. I have done some shameful things, that makes me human.

I have only just realised that people dont understand me. If I shut up and suffer in silence I'm bein anti-social. But if I vent like this and let the whole damn world know my grief I am shunted for it. Disrespected and labelled "wierd" becuase I express a god damn opinion?? If you don't like me hate me already, just stop judging my standing. I speak from the heart here - I offer myself, plain and simple. The troubled mind of the next man. Do you hate me cos you envy me?

I never undestood this:

A man walks the same street every day, he keeps his head down, passes neighbours but no greetings and no talk. He is a lone man with no voice. Nobody bothers him.

A man walks the same street every day, he is proud and isnt ashamed to speak his mind. He greets his homies and fronts to his haters. He has an opinion and he uses it. He is shot dead outside his local corner shop.

Now, whats the difference between these two scenarios? One man still owns an opinion, but he just doesn't use it. Another man flaunts what he's got cos he aint ashamed but hes harmless with it. Either way he has an enemy bitter enough to end him for good.

The moral of this story is, no matter how much you hate me, you will NEVER take me down. Im always gona be here even if physically Im gone. I have made my mark and killin me aint gona change nothin. So that bein said, next time you "hate someone enough to pull the trigger" ask yourself "Is this gona change anythin?"


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