Sunday, March 12, 2006


First I would like to say thanks to all the character-building time wasters I've met in my life. You've all been great. Now I'd appreciate it if you could be big enough to stand the fuck up and be counted for. Be big enough to say "Yes I saw an opportunity in you and I took it." Instead of latchin on n lyin to me some more thinkin you could get somethin more out of me like some kind of dumbass sponge. I'm sick of you punk-ass lame style whackos thinkin you can play Sub for a fool. You can't.

I say this becuase there have been too many people in my life who have thought at least once that they've had the upper hand on me and they didn't think I knew. Well now here's a wake-up call for you - I did. So why allow you to do it? Simple - becuase what goes around comes around. So how does it feel? knowing you got so far when all along I was the one playin on YOU...

Some people are so dumb.


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