Sunday, May 28, 2006


There comes a time when some peeps just gotta be counted for. This is one of those times. I'd like to take a minute out of my busy schedule to holla at a LOT of hard workin artists out there who do their thing not cos they makin money from it - but cos they're nice like that. They enjoy what they do cos they're reppin a cuase, these guys got real game and real reason to be makin serious music.

Now theres a lotta fake ass playas out there who be droppin beats cos it gets 'em a bigger paycheck. Most of their shit aint even real no more. They aint gettin the message across like theu used to. Too caught up in the fast life wit their women and their rims to remember whats important.

Tell you what, I'm gonna make a big shout out to a man who knows his place - a man who does remember whats real. That man is named Shakespeare's Ghozt y'all. Check it out.

I ain't doin this cos i get rich off this guy's back peeps. Ask Ghozt bout that. He dont know me and I dont know him. I do this for the same reason he does what he does - Cos Im like that.

Now, this won't be the first time I get someone's name up in here. Each time I discover someone worth a mention the name goes up.

(And for the record - I aint a miracle worker and this aint Def Jam so dont get demandin on me.)

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I've been informed that my voice is fading lately, that I haven't expressed a "world emotion" in some time. Well we all know as well as each other that nobody needs me to express an opinion for them. Doesn't anyone read the signs anymore? does "Re-invention comes from choice. Evolution is Compulsory." ring a bell? it's written above Xian's blog people what, do you think we just write these slogans for the sake of it?? Everyone needs to make that leap and do something to help themselves no one's gonna d that for ya. I can spoon feed you my feelings til I'm 6ft deep but what good are second hand words to a man with a flow of his own?

I'm not a poet or an artist, I'm just a pawn. A man with nothing different to offer than any other. Difference being I know how to peak up and I know how to use it. Anyone can do it.

My words are trash. They mean nothing to anyone else but me. And through all the smoke of hate and persecution who's left standing ready for the next day?

thats right... go get baptised in the water of purity brothers. They're dishin' it out fo free go ask a priest about that one time offer. We all got our darkness to suffer. Whats crucifying you?