Friday, April 15, 2011

Twist This.

Channel 4's twist my words is currently providing the UK with some damn right interestin material. You can pick any word from the pre defined list and string together some majorly humurous one liners. It's generally very censored and light hearted due to obvious reasons one being they want to air the best ones on the box. But there are ways around that! Check this mad example it's "legendary". Ha ha!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mad Marble Hungry Hornets

Damn. A late arrival to a lil somethin somethin on youtube known as Marble Hornets. Shit is crazy peeps. Got me to thinkin, long gone are the good ol days of the cam, I had mad respect for that . . in my own way. In fact it was the good G Robin Hely and his massive pimpley ass ego that put me on this dang barron excuse for a map. Yet I'm still here postin. Guess you made a monster Hely. This dog could never give up the race.

Hit me up on the marble people, lemme know whas good.

Friday, April 01, 2011


Yeah this shit is crazy yo. I been gone for way too damn long but I'm here now, and despite what I know y'all think, I am a changed man. I mean, I been real life busy wit my chick, rollin in what I thought was a perfect wifey life, but she up n left, and then shit started tumblin downhill, only women i cud rely on were my Xero's angels Remy and Stella. Yeah life can either blow or suck, you decide.

. . . . But here's where tings get real interestin, even though I was a broke man, I didn't crack to the point where I was better off dead. I survived.

I was at the bottom of a dark pit, the darkest place, and now I have truly risen again, cos beleive me, there was nowhere lower to go. I had that taste of a normal, happy, carefree life, til the shit between us. Was it my fault? Was I too caught up in my own world to step both feet into hers? Na, blame culture is weak. One thing I will say though, I'll fight to get that feelin again.

Mongo Nikol, shout out to ya bro, You were always the main man to the S-X. Are you still wit me dog? I need a pillar.

Forgive me people, bless me for my sorrow, reach out. make contact.